When you meet a company for the first time you can’t always tell what kind of service you’re going to get at first the Seller is extremely nice and does everything to get you to sign on the dotted line. Once you sign what happens next is anybody’s guess.

a)    Does he have the fuel?
Most likely he does not have the fuel. He will take your documents and send your document all over the internet looking for someone like Atlantic Petroleum Company, (APC) to sell you the products you are looking for where is will share in a commission. 


b)    Where does he get his fuel?
Atlantic Petroleum Company is a Wholesale/Distributor of large volumes of oil products supplying Major airlines, shipping companies, cruise lines and military. APC buys for the most part direct from the oil refineries around the world to bring you not only the best products but the best prices too.


2.    PRODUCT  

Atlantic Petroleum Company sells D2, D5, D6, JP54, JET-A1, Mazut, R.E.B.C.O GOST 51 858-2002/9965-76 (R.E.B.C.O), LNG - LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS, LPG-LIQUIDIFIED PETROLEUM GAS LPG-50% Propane and 50% Butane Mix & Separated, BITUMEN PENETRATION GRADE 40/50, 60/70, 80/100, FUEL OIL CST-180 /380, LCO (Light Cycle Oil), Petroleum Coke (Pet Coke)/Gas Coke. There are many others that we haven’t listed so if there is something you need, just send us a CP, (Company Profile) and a LOI, (Letter Of Intent) or preferably an ICPO, (Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order) and we will fill your needs.



We sell a number of products that are sold under the price giving ASWP, (Any Safe World Port). Products such as our LNG, Liquefied Natural Gas, Petroleum Coke used in the making of cement or steal, Bitumen used in the making of your highways or just your gasoline’s used in everyday automobiles. We also sell CIF, (Cost, Insurance, Freight) or FOB, (Freight on Board). So just ask if our prices include your destination.



When purchasing fuel from us in most cases we can offer 2 and up to 5 year contracts on most products, ie., D6, JP54, JET-A1 and others. When getting into the LNG and LPG we can in some cases offer up to 30 year contracts ASWP. If you have need for stability in prices that can create and maintain an evenly priced source of product you might think about programs we can offer that can create more profit on your side, more Buyers and will help you build a better name for yourself.


Given that APC can give you longer contracts, (if available) this can stabilize prices in your area. Given there are some places that get charged exorbitant prices because they are in a third world location or on an island as we have explained above we can give the same price to the Pacific side of Mexico as we can to Hawaii. So when you are looking to purchase please keep this in mind.



Atlantic Petroleum Company is a licensed company to sell petroleum products. Have you asked your Agent if he/she is a licensed company? Most brokers around the world are not licensed they saw there was money to be made in oil due to the volumes we sell and wanted to get a piece of it. We are licensed in the USA in Alaska and carry two licenses in Petroleum sales which we would be happy to provide a copy of if asked by a legitimate company.



With most standard procedures today it can take up to 2 weeks to close an oil sale depending on the refinery and where our ICPO is in their cue. Atlantic Petroleum Company has never had a complaint filed against it, however most companies in the oil industry have. There is a Blacklist which some of these companies have been placed on and for some of these companies they have actually done nothing wrong. Some disgruntled client didn’t get what he wanted so he files a complaint which is unfair to that company. So always do your DD, (Due Diligence) on who you are doing business with. We are not on the Blacklist.




Atlantic Petroleum is direct with refineries and we do not put our documents out over the internet so if you do get one it will have been done without permission. In our sales we can issue resellers (only limited approved Sellers) ATS, (Authority To Sell). We use NCNDA-IMFPA documents ICC approved which guarantees commissions will be paid. We also offer Paymaster services to anyone, Sellers, Brokers, Intermediaries, who are legitimately owed in the transaction.

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