This blacklisting site is a fraudulent site and here is why. This is an email between myself and 419advancefeefraud:

From: Advance Fee <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 27, 2019 9:14:20 AM
To: <>
Subject: This the email I sent. Were there links you could not open.


Please note that you are hardly the first person to send me an email requesting that their company or a company they purport to represent is legitimate and ask to be removed from my website.  Now my website is not the “ten commandments” and it can be ignored or disputed.  However, I personally do not post anything or allow anything to be posted without the highest degree of confidence that it is true!


1. You claim that you are not a stranger to me since you have two licenses, however, I haven’t seen them.  Moreover, you claim that you are not on any blacklist, but you  appear here



PO Box 362, Anchor Point, Alaska, 99556

Phone: +907-235-4880



Fake-false and not perform & time waster


2.  You claim “I will be paying for tanks today with Snijders for myself to close an oil sale with Geonefteprogres that I own the allocation on. My Buyers will be sending SGS in to do the Q&Q Report. In addition as Mandate I have leased another set of tanks to another client of mine and they are paying for those tanks today also with Snijders.


Today is August 26, 2019 yet the documents you sent me are dated in May, June and July of 2019.  Maybe you simply sent me prior documents that are not related to the transaction you claim that you entered in today.  I am going to chalk that up to a misunderstanding.


3. You are apparently engaged in the practice of claiming that companies that are blacklisted are real and implying that you have done business with them. Have you ever done business with Bridge Terminal?  See




Company Registration No: INN:3907034399


OOO 'Bridge Terminal' was registered on 14th February 2003, registered by INTER-REGIONAL INSPECTION OF THE FEDERAL TAX SERVICE № 1 IN KALININGRAD REGION.


The main activity is 'Storage and warehousing of oil and refined products', recorded 20 additional activities.


Tel No: +7 499 341 4942

+7 925 401 3917

+1 832 604 5678 (Houston)


INN: 3907034399

KPP: 390601001


OOO 'Bridge Terminal'  has been designated as fraudulent by both Rotterdam, and

Storage Spoofing Blacklist

OOO Bridge Terminal, (Russian Oil Scam) (Russian Oil Scam)


We went back and revisited that company and are convinced that it is a scam.  The fact that you claim that they are to be trusted (and imply that you have worked with them) is “troubling” especially since you claim here


“We have vetted the tank farms so you do not have to worry about using a real or fake tank farm.” Consequently, you encourage companies that might “do business” with you to ignore posted warnings about scam “tank farms” and simply trust your analysis which is “flawed” if not fraudulent. 


4. My team have gone back and examined “Geonefteprogres LLC” and “Snijders, Olie B.V” and we are even more convinced that they are both fake. We have updated the warning posts about them.   Inasmuch as these companies are non-existent scams, I suspect that you ever did business with them and simply sent me fake documents which claim you did.  That is not surprising as scammers send out fake documents all the time.  As far as I’m concerned a company that claims to have done business with scammers or vouches for them is, at best suspect, and most likely scammers themselves. 


I have been doing business with these companies for over 6 years now. I have provided documents to prove they were legitimate and this "person" who owns this website is afraid he will be targeted if he puts his name to any of this fraud he is spewing. The three companies mentioned here, Bridge Terminal LLC, Snijders Olie B. V. and Geonefteprogres LLC. are each real companies, and even if the liar of this fraudulent blacklist site refuses update the existence of these three companies proves that this "person" is a fraud. Any site that will not even validate the documents sent to them to prove innocence is a Fake, Fraudulent, lying person and website.  419advancefeefraud is just that.

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