The esteem LUKOIL-BUNKER you would think would be honorable and transparent but they are not. We bought an allocation from them that had an "Unconditional" DTA and here is what we discovered.

1. Buyer issues ICPO along with company registration + Buyer's Passport Copy for Data File.


2. Seller Issue C/I + Statement of Availability of product letter for the quantity available in the sellers storage tank to Buyer.


3 Buyer Signs and returns to the Seller the Commercial Invoice along with the, Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) of the BUYER as proof of storage availability ready. This is very deceptive storage availability means you have to have your TSR at this point because you cannot have the storage coordinates, tank numbers, name of tank farm ect. which is meant in the word availability. I have personally argued this point with Mr. Yashin.


4. Upon Approval of the Buyer's TSA by the Seller, Seller issue to the BUYER below:


(A)- Injection Report - Which is Confirmable, Track-able, Trace-able for the product reference and existence of the product at the seller storage tank.

(B)- Un-conditional DTA Authorization letter.


5- Buyer Dip test in Seller tank with SGS official and Receive Fresh SGS Report Not less than 24 hours alongside ASTC, (Authorization to Sell and Collect) the Product.


6 Within 72 Hours, Buyer provide TSR or Vessel storage for Injection of product into the Buyers hired TSR or Vessel.


7. Upon successful injection, Buyer pay total cost of product by MT103.


8. Seller confirms Buyer payment and both parties’ release payments to all intermediaries on each side in the transaction.


9. Contract Begins with Rolls and Extensions.

This (B)- Un-conditional DTA Authorization letter. was not "Unconditional" inside it it should have been the refinery's name contact information and my name and full contact information which both of us were to sign. However, at the bottom of the DTA was the Exit Buyer's logistics, (their tank farm) that had to sign it also. If the Buyer's tank farm has to sign they will refuse unless and until the Exit Buyer pays for their TSR. This DTA was not "Unconditional" as implied in the procedures. It would seem that the refineries love to play games with the Buyers and then when they are caught here is what they say;

Furthermore, if you dont have a good relationship with your tank farm in the first place, then while did you send the TSA to us for verification before use, that means you want to take document for yourself purpose, see product and runaway and make use of the document for yourself purpose and sell product at our back without our knowledge? Yes or No.... That means the Buyer is trying to do something Fishy.

We have never requested you to provide TSR as at this stage, We request TSR after the Diptest is conducted in the Seller Tank and You have receive Fresh SGS before TSR should be provided.

Now, the Seller have release to the BUYER the Unconditional DTA, and Injection Report which is Trackable, trace-able and confirmable for the product existence at the PORT terminal.

I want to share this with you so you know what is going on when you get an "Unconditional" DTA from LUKOIL-BUNKER

DTA File                               TERMINATION NOTICE


Another LUKOIL satellite refinery you need to be very leery of in their deceitful practices of their procedures that hide major important documents. Here in the following are their procedures;

1. Buyer issue ICPO with his passport to the seller.


2. Seller Issue NCNDA/IMFPA and SPA for 13 months with R&E to review and sign.


3. Seller issues Commercial Invoice (Cl) for the available quantity in the Seller storage tank, Buyer signs and returns the Cl to Seller with their signed Tank Storage Agreement (TSA) for Seller approval.

                                                                                     Ghost ATV;


4. Seller issues the partial PPOP documents as below;


a. Commitment to supply   

c. Authorization to Verify (ATV) 

e. Unconditional DTA    

 g. Tank Storage Receipt (TSR)

 i. Injection Report                

b. Product certificate of origin

d. Tank to tank injection agreement (TTTIA)                              

f. Fresh SGS (not older than 48 hours)

h. Product passport issued by SGS

j. ATS


5. Buyer conducts Dip test in Seller's Tank, Buyer provide Tank details to Seller and injection
commence to Buyer's Tank. Buyer pays by separate invoice the Seller’s, (APC) tank lease.


6. Within 24 hours, Buyer makes 100% TT wire transfer payments, Seller changes title of ownership to Buyer. Buyer pays by separate invoice the tank lease


7. The seller pays commission to all the intermediaries.

Do you see an ATV anywhere in the numbered sentences? Here was our surprise an "Ghost ATV" we were given in a template to be given to our logistics company to put on their letterhead, (copy & paste) requiring tank information and as a Buyer you know that this will require you to pay for your TSR and prior to you receiving the bait planted in the PPOP documents. As Buyers we all know this stops the sale in its tracts so beware of this deceitful hidden Ghost ATV in #3 even though it is never mentioned it is there. I terminated three sales with LUKOIL-URALNEFTEPRODUKT.


This was received from the Ministry of Energy 


Мы должно сообщить вам, что ваша электронная почта была хорошо принята. После частичной проверки и расследования так называемого названия нефтеперерабатывающего завода и складской компании нашим юридическим отделом, мы обнаружили, что есть много нарушений, а также что компания дублируется неизвестными лицами, что является актом мошенничества.

Наш юридический отдел также связался с руководителем офиса группы компаний "Лукойл", и они подтвердили нам, что не знают о такой сделке ни с одной из своих дочерних компаний или НПЗ. Поэтому мы рекомендуем немедленно прекратить все текущие сделки или сделки с этой группой лиц, так как Лукойл не будет нести никакой ответственности за ущерб, причиненный в результате дальнейших сделок с этой группой лиц.

Наш юридический отдел начал полномасштабное расследование этого, поскольку мы работаем над сокращением любых форм мошенничества в нашем нефтегазовом секторе.

Спасибо, что связались с нами.




This is to inform you that your email was well received. After partial verification and investigation of the so called Refinery name and the Storage company by our legal department, we have found out that there are a lot of irregularities and also that the company is being duplicated by unknown individuals which is an act of fraud.

Our legal department have also contacted the head of office of Lukoil group of companies and they have confirmed to us that they are unaware of such transaction with any of their subsidiary companies or Refinery.We therefore advice that all ongoing transaction or dealings with this parties should be stop with immediate effect as Lukoil will not take any responsibility for an damage caused as a result of further dealings with this group of individuals.

Our legal department have lunched full scale investigation into this as we are working to reduce any form of fraud in our oil and gas sector.

Thank you for contacting us.


Министерства энергетики Российской Федерации
107996, ГСП-6, г. Москва, ул. Щепкина, д. 42
phone: +7 (495) 631 98 58.
Fax: +7 (495) 631 83 64

Информация в этом письме и вложениях является конфиденциальной и предназначена исключительно для Использование лица (лиц), которому оно адресовано или иным образом направлено. Обратите внимание, что Любые мнения или мнения, представленные в этом письме, принадлежат исключительно автору и не Обязательно представляют интересы Компании. Наконец, получатель долженпроверить это письмо И любые приложения для присутствия вирусов. Компания не несет ответственности за любые Ущерб, причиненный любым вирусом, переданным этим письмом.Министерство энергетики Российской Федерации предоставляется в соответствии с действующим Министерством энергетики условия предоставления услуг по запросу и доступны по адресу


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